Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Hearing Aids

We had an appointment this afternoon at the Costco on Sprague to pick up Forry's new hearing aids. The young woman that checked them out and reviewed them with Forry seemed to know what she was doing and it didn't take long at all. From there, we went down the street to Home Depot to pick up a padlock for the storage shed at Desert Sun; some mouse bait (I'm thinking ahead); a couple of screws and some large garbage bags. It was one of those trips with no continuity - just stuff we needed to pick up.

The Mariners participated in another pitching duel with the Cubs today, but this time it went their way! Granddaughter Havela's Ben (a big Cub fan) says they "just got lucky!" But we'll see how the rubber match goes tomorrow...

It got up to 95 today, but it has cooled off considerably this evening. We were able to shut the A/C off while we were eating dinner and open the windows. The big pine trees are swaying quite a bit as the front moves through.

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