Thursday, July 28, 2016

Groceries and Gordy's

After a morning of reading the email and the newspapers and checking in with Facebook, we finally bit the bullet and went the back way through Four Lakes into the Safeway store in Cheney. Forry had used up the last of his cache of distilled water topping off the coach's batteries and needed another jug for his CPAP machine as well. Plus we were getting down towards the end of our supply of bottles for human consumption as well.

I restocked our fresh vegetable supply and picked up some ingredients for a couple of new recipes I want to try. It was quite warm again this afternoon and by the time we got everything in the house, we were pooped. Forry suggested going over to the Iron Skillet which is just a mile or so away, but I said if we were going to eat out, I wanted something really good. So we drove into town and up on the South Hill to Gordy's Szehwan. Our timing was not good. We hit the evening rush hour traffic, and then there was a wreck - or something - way up the line, so traffic was down to a crawl once we hit the Sunset Hill.

Eventually we were able to turn off and make our way up the hill to 30th. As usual, the food was great. As usual, we shared a meal. We noticed tonight how many people "over ordered" and were taking a good half of their food home for another meal. Gordy's does a large take-out trade and I guess we had never noticed how many of those containers and paper bags were for folks who were dining in.

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