Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Good Day

We started off the day with brunch at Portage Bay near Lake Union. Leslie had made reservations the night before, so we avoided the long lines waiting for service. What great food! We had Dungeness crab omelettes, while Leslie and Bill had some of the day's specials. There were so many wonderful choices, it was hard to decide.

The next stop for the "Yellow Taxi" was at the Alderwood Mall where we took a look at their display of the Americana exhibit of Lego buildings. We saw the Capital Building, the Liberty Bell, and the Washington Monument. It's incredible to see the detail in these models. The detail of the columns, the windows, the flags and the statues is incredible.

Then it was time to head north to Mount Vernon for "Our Town" at the Lincoln Theatre. Our Granddaughter Claire had the lead as Emily and she did a wonderful job. This young woman at fifteen, already has quite a resume' as an actor. Our Town is a rather somber emotional play, but the cast did a great job.

The four of us joined Daughter Mary Mae, Scott and Claire for dinner at the Trumpeter in downtown Mount Vernon. Claire has been fighting a cold and was very tired. They had the Opening Night last night, the matinee today and another matinee tomorrow. Then there are two more weekends of performances to go. Oh, to be young!

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