Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sabbath Day

Now that it's barely light at 7 AM, it's even harder to get up and get going on Sunday mornings. Forry keeps trying a variety of different routes to the church, trying to figure out the shortest route. Today he used some of the gravel roads as we came off the freeway. Trouble is, when you're married to a directionally challenged woman, all it does is confuse her!

Story we heard this morning was that the area had gotten two inches of rain! Considering that average rainfall for the area is 7-9 inches annually, that's a lot of rain. You could tell it on the gravel roads, some of them actually had ruts in them - and mud!

Pastor Matthew finally publicly announced in church this morning that he has accepted a call from Grace Mennonite Church in Pandora, Ohio and will be finishing up his term at Menno by the end of the year. Rumors have been flying around the congregation for over a month, so it was nice to have it made official.

We stopped at Safeway on our way home to stock up on breakfast sandwiches and load up on snacks and lunch stuff for our trip to Illinois this week. Son-in-law Todd and Grandson Micah are slated to arrive here tomorrow and we will head out from here on Tuesday.

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