Thursday, October 20, 2016

We Made It!

We slept in until 6:30 this morning. A bit after seven there was a knock at the motel room, Daughter Dawn had arrived. She took a red-eye flight out of Portland last night, then took the shuttle from the airport to the Sheraton.

We shifted luggage and seats around and were on our way again. After a stop for breakfast crepes and pumpkin pancakes, we paid one more $1.90 toll and continued on to Hopedale, Illinois where the Litwiller family lives. When we arrived, Granddaughter Havela was off with her Bio-Grandmother getting her nails done. GreatGranddaughter Kahlyn had just woken up from her nap and was not real happy about all the strange people who had suddenly shown up...

Dawn and I joined Lisa, Ben's mother, and Ashley, Ben's sister, and Dorothy, Havela's Bio-grandmother at very nice tea shop for a little Ladies' Luncheon honoring Havela since we had not been here to attend any of her bridal showers. We did a good job of embarrassing her with some naughty lingerie.

By late afternoon, two of the groomsmen had arrived and the fellows picked up their tuxes. Dorothy  helped Lisa make Sloppy Joes and we ended up with quite a crew for dinner. After dinner Ben took Forry and I over to his Uncle and Aunt's home where we will be staying. Now we are enjoying watching the battle between the Cubs and Los Angeles. Of course, everyone around here is rooting for the Cubs!

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