Monday, October 3, 2016

Sale Update

In spite of pitifully low wheat prices, people were incredibly generous on Saturday. It looks like the total of the auction, the meals and the various booths is going to be over $116,000. Plus whatever the kids' collection of coins for My Coins Count comes to with Saturday's donations. With the two $1000 matches, they are going to be very close to $4000!

It is incredible to see how so many people come together to make this all happen! It warms your heart to watch even the youngest children carrying chairs and fencing. They're encouraged to participate and no one castigates them for getting in the way. And it's not just local people either. Participants come not only from the five Washington State Mennonite churches, but from many other states. And not all of the volunteers are church members. Many folks come to the sale once and then return year after year to donate or help out. The auctioneers donate their time to make the auction work.

Donation of sale items, especially quilts, come from all over. We had maple syrup from Canada and olive oil from California. And then there's the food, everything from hamburgers and sausage sandwiches to green bean soup and groundnut stew, New Years Cookies (raisin fritters) to barbecued ribs, kraut ranzas, pie and homemade ice cream. If you went away hungry, it's no one's fault but your own. Plus there was pulled pork on Friday night for the workers and pancakes and sausage for Saturday breakfast.

All of this becomes a donation for world relief.

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