Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On To Montana...

Today was a pretty steady day of driving.  We made it through the rest of Wyoming and started the long trek through Montana. We've been taking fairly long breaks for both gas and potty stops - it's a chance for little Greatgranddaughter Kahlyn to run a bit as well as a diaper change. She's a very good little traveler. Her Mommy and Daddy take turns sitting beside her car seat in the way back of the van, keeping her entertained.

We've been taking turns driving, though Todd has done the greatest share. I took a turn through a few hours of Montana this afternoon while Grandaughter Havela rode shotgun. Then we traded seats while she drove. We said it was appropriate, the women in the front with the guys in the back taking care of the baby...

We pulled into St. Regis, Montana this evening just in time to watch the start of the first game of the World Series. Ben and crew are avid Cubs fans, so they are very excited about having the Cubs finally in the Series.

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