Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wedding Day!

I hope everyone reading this is a Facebook friend. If not, send me a friend request and I'll take care of you. Because, there are lots and lots of pictures of the wedding on Facebook!

In spite of a few glitches that will be good stories in the future, it went very well. Havela was a beautiful bride. She wore her hair up with a rhinestone hair comb that her Uncle Sean had given her many years ago. Her father, Todd performed the ceremony. Her sister Kyra was her Maid of Honor and her brother Micah was an usher. Micah also carried Kahlyn down the aisle when she decided she didn't want to ride in her wagon.

Ben's two sisters were also in the bridal party while the rest were all college friends of Ben and Havela. His brother Cam was the other usher. So it was quite a family affair.

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