Friday, October 28, 2016

Driving Again

We got a fairly decent start this morning and after a stop in Ellensburg for gas, made it to the Bothell StayAmerica Extended Stay by a little after 1:30 PM. The GPS took us through Royal City over to I-90 near Vantage. We left the fog behind midway there and had sunshine the remainder of the trip.

Forry got in a short nap before our friend Leslie arrived following her acupuncture appointment. We visited until it was time for Bill to finish work and join us. Leslie had made reservations at a place in the renovated Anderson Middle School called the Tavern on the Square. It opened about a year ago, though they had not been there yet. But they'll definitely be back. The food was extremely good. Leslie and I had some excellent mushroom risotto while Bill had a pork shank and Forry had a hamburger that was almost an inch thick!

We headed back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep before Leslie and Bill come pick us up in the morning to go to brunch.

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