Wednesday, October 19, 2016


After another long day of driving, we arrived in Chicago, actually to a Sheraton close to O'Hare Airport. Daughter Dawn is taking the red-eye flight tonight and will arrive in the morning and take the shuttle to the hotel to join us for the last leg of our trip to Hopedale.

We only managed four states today. We had breakfast at Wall Drug in South Dakota so that Grandson Micah could enjoy a bit of that crazy place that is basically a tribute to billboard advertising. They still offer a free glass of water to travelers, which was their original hook to lure them to stop. The fellows enjoyed today's Special of Biscuits and Gravy.

After South Dakota came Minnesota. I-90 travels along the lower portion of the state bordering Iowa - and it looks a lot like Iowa with miles and miles of corn and soybeans. All of which the farmers were busy harvesting. We drove by a beautiful portion of State Forest, with autumnal trees and cliffs of sedimentary rock. By then it was getting dark so we didn't see much of Wisconsin, nor Illinois.

After a quick stop for a noodle dinner, we paid the multiple tolls to get into Chicago - three different tolls for $1.90, $3.00 and a final one of .90!

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