Friday, October 21, 2016

Wedding Rehearsal Day

i got up fairly early so that I could go with Granddaughter Havela to her Young Mother's Bible Study Class. It was an interesting small group of young mothers that Havela calls "her weekly therapy!" Kahlyn got to play in the nursery with the other children while the mothers met.

The afternoon was busy with church decorating, rehearsal dinner cooking and baby-sitting Kahlyn. Forry and I decided it would be easier for us to stay back and watch the little one rather than be running up and down decorating the church. Might have been a mistake - she is such a busy little girl. But she is so much fun. She is enamored of her Uncle Micah and I think vice versa!

We all gathered at the church a little after five o'clock, and Todd tried to get the whole crew organized. Most of the ten attendants are college friends, some of whom have not seen each other for a while. A couple made it just in time for the rehearsal, including Granddaughter Kyra who flew in from her college in Virginia. We ran through the whole process two or three times including the escorting of the grandparents down the aisle. I think it is going to work well.

We returned to the Litwiller home after the rehearsal. Lisa and Kevin had fixed barbecued pork loins, cheesy potatoes, salads, corn, peas and rolls.By the time you added in all of the wedding party and all the family, there was quite a crowd for a delicious feast.

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