Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Very Busy Day

Today was Forry's last post cataract surgery eye appointment. I had changed the time from 9:30 to 11:30, so we weren't in such a rush to get going this morning.

After his appointment, we drove out to Great Cuts on Sprague to get my hair trimmed. Fortunately for me, Becky, the one who cut off my long hair two months ago, was on duty. She took off about an inch and lo and behold, it was wavy again. She said she thought that the inch or so it had grown added just enough weight to my baby fine hair to straighten it. While we were there, Forry got his beard trimmed as well. He's still traumatized about how short his hair is, so it was off limits.

Next, it was off to find something to wear to our granddaughter's wedding. We looked at Ross, but had no luck, so went out to Macy's at the Valley Mall. I thought sure they would have some pretty red Christmasy tops, but no such luck. It was hard to find a pretty cherry red, most of the tops were an orangey red, not a good color for me. I finally found a true red shirt that I paired with grey slacks and a long grey tunic coat. Much more me than a lacey frilly dress. I lucked out on shoes as well - the lady in the shoe department remembered a pair of gray and black flats in a wide width that had been custom ordered, but never picked up. Since they were basically returns, they were 25% off!

The last stop was at Costco. By then, I was tired and left my list on my phone in the car. But, I actually remembered everything on the list! I sent Forry with their electric cart to get toilet paper and paper towels. I got everything else on my list, went to the check stand and waited and waited. Didn't know if he gotten lost, met someone and was talking, or? What a pain to be without a phone! I finally went looking for him...

We stopped in Ritzville to get something to eat and then headed on out to Menno for the post MCA sale meeting. Turns out the total is now over $122,000, the biggest sale ever. Over its 39 year history, our little sale has raised over 2.2 million dollars for world relief!

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