Monday, October 31, 2016


Son-in-law Scott brought us the mail when we went out to dinner with them Saturday night. Of course, we were anxious to get our ballots. We waded through the Voters' Guide this morning and got the ballots filled out. They are long sheets this time with both sides completely full. Washington State is an Initiative State, which means that anyone who can get enough signatures in support of an idea can get their idea on the ballot. In some ways I like the idea of citizen involvement, but unlike the regular legislative process, there are no hearings for public input, nor any way to make amendments. We have seen many times the unintended consequences of initiatives, especially when you've got people who, instead of running for the Legislature and winning a seat, make it their life's work to write initiatives instead.

We also realized this morning that today was the last day of the month and that the second half of our Property Tax payments was due today. By law, there is no grace period for paying these taxes. So I got out the calculator, added up the parcels for the various tax districts and wrote out a check.

What this really meant was that, in spite of my desire to not even get in a vehicle for at least a week, we needed to go to town to the post office to ensure the envelope with the tax payment was postmarked today! But that way we also got our ballots mailed.

Forry wanted to pick up a heat tape for the water standpipe as well, so we ended up running some errands. Thank goodness we really didn't need groceries - I don't think I could have handled that at all.

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