Monday, October 17, 2016

Rushin' Around

Due to some miscommunication between our daughter and our son-in-law, our departure date got moved up a day. So we have spent the day finishing our packing and tending to other details. I made a trip into Moses Lake this afternoon and picked up a scrap of something for a bridal shower gift.

I took our mail box key over to Barb, the park manager. She will pick up any packages for us and will keep an eye on the place while we were gone. So nice to be in a park where people are so helpful. We will turn off the water, disconnect the hoses and turn down the heat and hope everything does just fine while we are gone.

Not knowing for sure when we will be back, I think I have overpacked, but we will see how it goes. I need to check the Illinois weather forecast yet so I have some idea of how cold it is going to be in Hopedale.

I did take a few minutes to go outside and take some pictures of the colorful foliage in the park and put them up on my Facebook page. The colorful leaves will most likely be all gone by the time we return...

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