Friday, October 14, 2016

Great Service

I was very frustrated yesterday. I had ordered a new blood pressure cuff as mine had given up the ghost. The tracking number said the USPS had delivered it on Friday. Here it was mid-week and no package. I checked with the park manager as we have noticed things occasionally get delivered to her. Barb hadn't seen it. So I called the post office in Othello. The postman looked up the tracking number and said it indeed had been delivered, but he would check with our carrier and get back to us.

About two o'clock, a Jeep driver beeped outside our door and the carrier brought the package to our door. She said it was in the parcel compartment and the key was in our mail box A10. I told her Forry had checked a couple of times and was sure it wasn't there. She made a comment about men and left.

This afternoon she was back at our door with the box of mail Daughter MM had sent. She also said she had figured out the problem! She went around to the front of the mailboxes and realized that the box labeled A10 that we had the key to was not the same as the labeled A10 box on the back side where she puts the mail!

She also said it had really puzzled her yesterday because we seemed so sincere about not finding the parcel box key. It bugged her most of the night until she finally figured what the problem might be!

We had originally had trouble looking for A10 as the numbers on the front are not in any order. For example A10 is right beside A4! I think the manager just assigned us an empty box and labeled it A10...

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