Monday, October 24, 2016

Only Two States Today

We are in Gillette, Wyoming for the night. We made a couple of fairly long stops in South Dakota. We stayed in a very interesting motel last night called the Earth Inn. It was literally dug into the hillside with grass on the roof!

We made the obligatory stop at Wall Drug in Wall. Todd now has pictures with two of his children with the old lady cardshark as well as his solo one...

We drove through Badlands National Park, at least the north portion of it. The kids and Todd took one of the one mile hikes, but I heard that Kahlyn got to ride Daddy's shoulders a good share of the way. The South Dakota Badlands are pretty, but I think the ones in North Dakota are more dramatic due to the coal seams. There are some advantages to traveling with Seniors - our Parks Pass got us all in without charge.

We debated whether or not to check out Mount Rushmore since we were so close and Granddaughter Havela had never seen the Monument. We knew it would be dark by the time we got there, but Todd knew that they are now lit at night, so we made the detour. Boy, things have changed since the last time we were there many years ago. Now there is a very fancy grand entrance that is a bit of a walk from the parking area. Before there was just a road that took you fairly close to the mountain so you could just drive by. It certainly is dramatic to see it all lit up.

We put in another hour or so of driving to get us to Gillette, figuring we would quit and tackle Montana tomorrow. The restaurant in the motel was closed, but they said you could get pizza in the bar. Forry and I had snacked enough that we weren't hungry, so we kept Kahlyn while the other three went to eat. Our new Grandson Ben is always hungry - he's a tall guy with a hollow leg!

I stuck Kahlyn in the bath tub and let her play a bit. She was definitely ready for bed by the time she got out and the rest of the folks came back.

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