Thursday, October 27, 2016

Home = Laundry

I do so like the nice bags motels/hotels clip to their hangers for you to use for laundry services. They are excellent to use for dirty clothing as you travel. Then when you get home, you have all of your to-do laundry in one place ready to go. I unpacked last night and made a pile for today's washing. Instead of my usual one load of dark colors - jeans and such - I had two today. My little Splendide washer/dryer combo can easily handle two pairs of jeans plus some shorts and socks, but that's about max if you want clean clothes.

I finished up the laundry just about the time the hamburger soup I'd made for supper was done. It started raining about seven this morning and it drizzled all day until just about six. It was a day that definitely called for warm soup. The fall colors here at the park are gorgeous. The wet red and yellow leaves still on the trees and the ones on the ground just glisten.

We finally decided that if we wanted to see Granddaughter Claire's play, Our Town, we needed to do it this weekend. We will drive over to Seattle tomorrow, then go up to Mount Vernon with our friends Leslie and Bill to see Saturday's matinee. The preview publicity pictures are fascinating and I can hardly wait to see it.

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