Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just Tired?

I don't seem to have my act together these days...

It was COLD last night! We have not had a freeze all this Fall, but ice came with a vengeance last night. There was frost on the grass and all of the shrubs. And the water in my glass bird bath was frozen. I need to bring it inside and put it in its traveling drawer for the winter. It was a surprise gift from my elder sister that I dearly love.

So I bundled up and went out into the icy morning, thinking it was Thursday, time for the lady's weekly gathering at the clubhouse. Still without coffee, it finally dawned on me why no one was there and the coffee pot wasn't on! Then I remembered I wouldn't be going anyway, because this Thursday is Menno Mission Society's monthly meeting...

Forry went into town with me tonight as he wanted to go to Lowes to look for a heat tape and insulation for the water pipe. Still not thinking straight, I told him that our Bible Study at Monroe House would be an hour and a half and he should be back by seven. Now how I thought something that started at 6 pm would be over by seven is beyond me. But at least the chairs in the entry area are a comfortable place to sit and wait.

I was there a bit early and had a chance to visit with our old neighbor Betty. She turned 80 this past month and was delighted to tell me that she had a new great granddaughter that they had named Charlotte Anne!

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