Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back Over the Mountains

We were in bed last night very soon after we got back to the motel in Bothell from Mount Vernon. Even with Bill doing all the driving, it had been a long day. We made it up this morning and were checked out of the motel by ten. We made our way over to Pleasant Lake RV Park where Serenity, Bill and Leslie's RV is parked. It's a lovely park. The sites are close together, but there are shrubs and trees between them and they are all clustered around a pretty little lake.

We left our car there and took the Yellow Taxi out for one last brunch. We ate at the Original Pancake House where I actually found Dutch Babies on the menu - properly served with wedges of lemon and powdered sugar! Forry had pumpkin pancakes, Leslie had pecan pancakes and shared with Bill a huge fluffy baked omelet that he ordered with a side of chocolate chip pancakes. If we had stayed in Bothell any longer, we would have had to be rolled home, we've eaten so well.

We were back on the road by noon and rolled into Sun Desert a bit after three thirty. We had stopped once for gas and made one potty stop, but it was a quick trip. It's a lot shorter than going to Seattle from Spokane!

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  1. It was so good seeing both of you. You should go out for a drive tomorrow.