Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Hair Cut and Dinner

Granddaughter Havela wanted her hair trimmed -- she needed her split ends cut off. We went into Fountain Hills and took her to a Fantastic Sam's. While she was there, Forry and I went to an auto supply store and got him a new battery filler. His had given up the ghost when he went to use it this afternoon.

Daughter Mary Mae had given us gift cards for Sofrita's for Christmas, so we went there for dinner. Havela and I split a pork pernil (a 12 hour roasted pork shoulder)  while Forry had the shrimp street tacos. The food was good, but the services was s - l - o - w.

They were short of servers tonight, and it showed. The pork dish was very juicy in a thin tomato sauce served with corn tortillas. It was extremely tender and more than enough for two people. Forry's three shrimp tacos must have been very good as he made no effort to share them!

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