Sunday, March 30, 2014

More of the Same...

We continued with the packing up and putting away process today. I suggested to Forry earlier this morning that we should think about removing some of the almost empty bins in the bays, consolidating or giving away what's in some of them (For example, we have a bin that is full of games, dominoes and cards that, except for the cards once, has not been used in the eight years we have been RVing.). That way we would have room to store the canopy, rather then bringing it inside and stashing it in the bedroom, which had been his original idea.

Forry thought about it for a while, then went out to take some measurements and look at what was in the bays. It turns out that the canopy in its case is too long by about eight inches to fit in a bay. I suggested what about putting it catiewumpus (at an angle)? We did some moving around, using the packaged rug that had been under the canopy to balance the canopy in its bag, but we got it to fit.

My stack of stuff to take to Goodwill keeps getting larger. There is now a big bag of connectors and wires for various electronic stuff we have had in the past. We've never used any of them (I think we may have had some back in our days in the house...) and I sincerely doubt we'll be needing them now. But I can remember some of my college students talking about rummaging through Goodwill boxes of wiring as they built and rebuilt some of their electronic stuff.

Tomorrow, we shall keep on eye on the new site and as soon as the people who are presently there leave, we will start taking stuff over. I can hand-carry my geraniums over as well as the chairs. We will have to bring in the slides and take up the jacks, then Forry can just drive on over.

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