Monday, March 10, 2014

Pool Time

I think we were all extremely tired this  morning. None of us were awake before eleven! I had gone to bed early - for me - last night, so I guess I slept around the clock. It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny, hot day. We had pulled the awning in yesterday due to the wind, so the living room was quite warm this morning when we finally got up.

I took my cup of coffee and went outside with the newspaper while Forry and Granddaughter Havela got their own breakfasts. Forry even brought me out a breakfast sandwich (I didn't think I was that cranky, but I didn't turn it down...). Havela came out and sat with me for a while and worked on her homework. We were watching the hummingbirds coming into eat, then spotted a roadrunner on the other side of the fence. It had a big bug in its mouth. I wonder if it was taking it down to the roadrunner we've been watching in her cactus nest down the line?

Later this afternoon, Havela and I went over to the pool and swam and sun-bathed for a while. There was a pretty steady parade of people in and out of the pool. Most of them would lie on the lounges for a short while, then head out. The sun was just too intense for many of them.

Tonight was t-bone steaks for my granddaughter. She just loves them. I had to chat with the butcher at Safeway in order to get a couple -- they just don't put out bone-in steaks much anymore. Some baked potatoes and peas made for a feast.

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