Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shopping Expedition

We bit the bullet this afternoon and went out to do our shopping. Our first stop was at the Costco store on Hayden Avenue in Scottsdale. We've been there before, so have figured out the best way to get into the parking lot. It's a busy store, even mid-week like this.

I had a fairly short list, mostly for vitamins, so we didn't stay long. I always stop and check the men's shirts on the off chance they might have knit shirts with pockets for Forry. Today they did and I found an electric blue shirt for him that will make his eyes pop.

From Costco, we backtracked to Fountain Hills and went to Safeway. That was a longer excursion. We usually try to pick up groceries for a couple of weeks at a time -- mainly because I hate to shop -- and dislike putting groceries even more. When I was a kid, the grocers in our little town of Ritzville still delivered. Mom would call the store and a couple of hours later someone -- often the owner himself -- from the grocery store would be at the back door with a box of groceries.

Later, by the time we had moved to the ranch and as soon as Sister Sherry and I were old enough to drive. we were given the grocery buying chores. Even though my mother didn't like to shop herself, it didn't stop her from being extremely critical of what I bought. Hmm, I wonder if that's why I don't find shopping enjoyable?

We were trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight. Forry is never very creative about food decisions and his usual response to what he'd like is something "whatever you fix is fine." For some reason tonight, I tossed out the idea of grilled cheese sandwiches. That's something I haven't made since we've been in the RV. They turned out to be really good!

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