Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inverter Problems and Funny Weather?

Not sure what was going on today. We were up early as the repair guy from Gene's RV and AC Repair called and asked if it was okay if he came this morning instead of this afternoon. It was a gorgeous warm clear blue sky morning.

Our inverter* had quit working just before we arrived at Eagle View RV Resort last October. We haven't done anything about it as we have been on shore power and didn't need it. But since winter is officially over and we will be leaving here in a couple of weeks, we thought we'd best get it tended to. The inverter had originally kicked out when Forry started to bring up the jacks without bringing in the slides first. I stopped him - as we usually do the slides first and then the jacks. Evidently stopping the process midway kicked out a switch on the inverter.

The repair fellow who was here was very cautious checking out the electrical system. He cleaned off the top of the inverter box in one of the back bays and then pressed a reset button for the system. That didn't do it, so next he tried the inverter reset, and VIOLA! we had power without being hooked up to shore power -- and the "fault" light went off on the inverter panel inside the coach. The nicest thing about the whole situation was  the bill for $151.00 when I had been expecting to have to replace the inverter at $3000+ !

By the time the repair guy left a little before noon, you could see cumulonimbus clouds building behind the line of mountains to the south. As we watched them, some of them 'anvilled" out. Later, a skiff of clouds came across the campground. Then we watched more cumulonimbus clouds build over on the northern hills!

About four o'clock both of our phones went off with active weather warnings -- they were warning of a severe dust storm that was supposed to hit about 5 PM. It stated DO NOT DRIVE! We had gone over the the office to extend our stay until the tenth of April and we could see the dust over the southern hills. It was coming our way fast! I had laundry hanging outside, so we hurried back so that I could bring it in AND to bring the awning in before the storm hit.

It was a bit of an anti-climax when it finally arrived. It had pretty well dissipated by the time it hit the RV Park. We got a few gusts of wind and then all was quiet again -- and the sky was blue.

*Inverters are used to provide 120 volt electrical power to an RV from the batteries when the unit is not connected to outside power.

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