Sunday, March 16, 2014

First the Airport, then Tempe Diablo Stadium

My, oh my, 3 AM is EARLY! We were out the door and heading for the airport by 3:15, only to discover that the built-in GPS in the Suzuki was NOT working. No matter what I did, the screen remained dark! I quickly went back into the RV and grabbed the big Magellen unit off of the dash and off we went again. It was awkward to use as it is too big for the dash, but it got the job done and we made it to Terminal 2 at Skyways International Airport in good time.

Granddaughter Havela took her bag and her backpack and disappeared into the terminal. It was sad to see her leave, but it's been a wonderful week. We are so happy that she was able to spend her Spring Break with us in Arizona before she went back to the snow in Hesston, Kansas and the last semester of her freshman year. Forry took the wheel and we headed back to Eagle View RV Park and immediately back to bed!

We were up again by ten, eating breakfast and getting our stuff together to head for Tempe Diablo Stadium, the Spring Training home of the Los Angeles Angels. The first place we attempted to park was full by the time we got to the parking area, so we were told to make a U-turn and head back down the street. It looked like it was going to be a long walk from the dirt lot we were directed to, but there were two-person pedicabs giving rides to the stadium.

We had good seats behind the third base dugout, but definitely in the sun. It was a very warm day! The Mariners won a hard fought game 5-3. The Angels used some of their best players, but the boys won through. It was another sold-out game. The stadium is smaller than some of the others with the total crowd being only 9628. The seats were really close together -- you had to stand up in order to let anyone else pass as your knees were touching the seat back in front of you. We took the same pedicab back to the parking lot and came home in time for another nap!

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