Saturday, March 29, 2014

Packin' Up

I think anyone who RVs will tell you that the longer you stay in one campsite, the harder it is to get everything packed up and put away. We've been here at Eagle View RV Park since mid-October of last year. It's actually the longest we've ever stayed in one place!

We've started the packing up process. Forry has picked up the light strings that we had along and under the sides of Auntie Violet, rolled them up and put them away in the electrical bay. He's taken down the barbed wire lights on the front as well and we've bagged them and put them away.

This afternoon  we started on putting the canopy away. I actually woke up in the middle of the night last night worrying about it... Since we have never taken it down, I think I was unsure how it would go (we bought it earlier this spring). I found the direction sheet nicely filed away under "Household Stuff," not under "RV Stuff" where I first looked. The first thing we were supposed to do was lower it down and unfasten all of the hooks holding the top flaps.

Believe it or not, it actually folded down into this size --

The stakes that hold up the canopy sides are lying on the big rug along with the rug and the tables that were all under the canopy --

It took some squeezing and shaking, but we managed to get it back into the carry-bag. I really did not think we would be able to, but it went in nicely.

I think we will walk the chairs and ride the trike over to the new site (it's not that far away) rather than packing them all up and into Toad II. The next task will be to start putting away some of the stuff inside Auntie Violet.

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