Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cleaning Up

The sun was out today. The clouds were gone. We spent some time putting our "outdoor living space" back together. We had lowered the canopy to its lowest level and folded up the chairs, loungers and tables and laid them under the canopy. It actually weathered the storm and the rain pretty well. But there was a great deal of small debris on both of the rugs. We picked them both up and shook them out, then laid them back down. I still need to go out and wipe the dirt off the tables (there was a lot of dust in that first rain.)

I was not wanting to walk today, but Forry rode the trike over to the office to check for mail, so I figured I'd better get my exercise in as well. I walked the outside perimeter of the RV park going outside the fence along the road. When I got to the end, I decided I might as well walk on around to the back side by the river as well. I was not real impressed by the garbage on the north edge of the park. I don't know whether the rigs on that side of the park are especially tacky or whether the wind had blown trash outside.

The east side of the park is on the Verde River side of the park and is bounded by a split rail fence (unlike the metal rebar fence on the road side). It's a nice walk around that side, though it's very rough ground. It's quite evident that the Open Space horses and cows frequent that area. You really can't see the actual river. The water level is low and the river bed sprawls widely. The banks have been undercut over the years and there are caution warning signs all over. I saw quite a few birds. We will have a space on that side of the park next year. I think it's going to be nice.

I reached the far end of the fence and figured I could walk around the south side and then back to the RV via the road. But, evidently no one walks that way. The brush was way too thick and had so much cacti interspersed that it would have not been a great idea -- especially in shorts! So I walked back down the fence until I found a spot about halfway back that I could crawl through, then cut through the park to Auntie Violet.

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