Monday, March 31, 2014

The Move -- and Opening Day!

This is site 153. It's to the north of where we have been and way across the campground. We drove by this morning to see if the people that were there had left. They were gone and the site was empty. It's another short one sitting on a corner on the end of a row. We dropped off the geranium plants and a bit of the other outside stuff like the little hummingbird feeders and the iron road runner.

It's a given that any day you are planning to move, it will be sunny and HOT!  I put the big hummingbird feeder and the parts for the crow wind gidget and the bird waterer in the basket on the trike. We loaded the car with one of the loungers, the jack pads, and one of the chairs. I drove over in the car while Forry drove Auntie Violet. I parked and guided him as he backed into the site. He makes it look so easy! You can't beat that farm training with big rigs.

We made one more trip over to the old site with the car. We folded up the big rug and loaded it into the back. The second lounger and chair went into the back seat. One last sweep of the area to make sure we hadn't left anything behind and that it was cleaner than when we arrived last October (at least there are now no more cigarette butts laying around!).  While we were cleaning up, the hummingbirds kept flying by looking for the feeders. Poor things -- I wonder how long it will take them to find them in the new place? Forry rode the trike with its basketful over to the new site while I followed him with the Toad -- wanted to make sure he didn't lose anything.

By the time we got the electricity hooked up along with the water and everything moved, we were pooped. Did I mention it was HOT?! There was a nice breeze, so we sat outside in the shade with something to drink -- I think Forry even took a nap!

We do not have awnings on the windows of the driver's side of the coach. It has not been a problem this winter as we were parked on and east/west line and the direct sun in the evening was in back of us. This new site is on the north/south line, so the sun shines directly into those driver side windows in the late afternoon. I ended up pulling the shade on that side until after sunset. That worked, but it sure cut down the breeze through the coach.

Today was OPENING DAY! There has been a move afoot to attempt to make baseball's Opening Day a national holiday -- I do like the idea of that! The Mariners are over in Anaheim playing the Angels tonight with Felix Hernandez pitching. It should be a great game! We'll be watching it on ROOT Sports NW.

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