Saturday, March 8, 2014

Scottsdale Stadium -- and the Airport!

Scottsdale Stadium is the home of the San Francisco Giants. Located right in the midst of downtown Scottsdale (close to Old Town), the stadium has a very intimate feel. I could not get any tickets other than in the bleachers a month ahead of time. There was actually a sell-out crowd today of more than 12,000. We went early to make sure we could park close, but there is no stadium parking for the public. Instead you are directed to a free public parking garage about two blocks away.

The only seats we were able to get at this stadium were in the bleachers (they have a very loyal season ticket holder base), but at least they were up on top where we at least lean on the back fence... This is what it looked like when we arrived, but the empty seats didn't last long...

The stadium was packed, but I think a good part of the crowd -- at least where we were sitting -- was there to party, not to watch the game. There was a group of fourteen guys a couple rows ahead of us, all in matching green shirts. Turns out they were part of a Bachelor Party and had flown into Phoenix for the weekend from New York!

These next two pictures are of the grassy areas (the cheap seats, comparatively anyway) that were packed solid with people sitting on the grass.

The San Francisco Giants were not real happy -- the game turned out to be a blow-out win by the Mariners 16-3. And most of the Mariners were our second squad!

We had to leave the game at the end of the 8th inning in order to get over to the airport by 4:30. It turned out that Granddaughter Havela's plane arrived a bit early (they had a tail-wind from Minneapolis.) and she was on her way downstairs when we got there. She was hungry, so we headed over to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Tia Rosa's for dinner.


We were appalled to find out when we got there that they had had a fire last Sunday and were closed "for investigation." We ended up going to their second restaurant over in Gilbert. We had almost an hour wait, but the food was great.

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