Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Again

It is amazing how quickly a week goes by. I think I've told it before how my Mother-in-law always talked about how every year the days, weeks and months went by faster and faster. I always chuckled when she said that. Now I know what she meant. She always wondered about that "old lady" she kept seeing in the mirror as well. I know now what she meant about that too.

Today was a rest-up down day. We were both tired after our busy day yesterday, but Forry seems to have gotten his second wind. He was up and out early taking the garbage out and draining the black and gray tanks. He even vacuumed this afternoon!,

On the other hand, I have a singular lack of ambition. The most I did today was take the response letter about the Menno Church addition proposal over to the office to be mailed. (After what seems like YEARS of talking, there are finally hard plans to add on an addition with a real kitchen and accessible restrooms.) I walked back through the desert area behind the office area and saw that the Roadrunner -- I presume the female -- was still firmly sitting in her nest in the saguaro. After all the rain and wind we've had the last few days, I was glad to see she was okay.

It seems strange to look around the RV park and see it almost full again. It emptied out like crazy on the 28th and the 1st. I think for a lot of snowbirds, the first of March was their time to head back north. I don't know though, it's still awfully cold up there! But, for some reason, there are lots of people moving in. I don't know whether they had been somewhere further south and are now gradually heading north or ?

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