Friday, March 28, 2014

Figuring Out What's Next

I had talked to Ron in the office here at Eagle View RV Park a couple of weeks ago about staying on here for another ten days after our original April 1 departure date. He told me not to worry about it or paying for it until the 1st as the Park would be emptying out and it wouldn't be an issue. So we stopped by again the first part of the week to pay for the extra days. Ron had trouble with the computer and told us to stop by later when things were working correctly and pay him.

Then on Tuesday when we were on our way to town, Ron called and said there was a problem. It seems that Sandy, the other office person, had rented our space starting on the first for some people who were planning to stay for a year! He hadn't told her we were planning to stay -- and she hadn't told him she had rented the space. And that's why the computer was giving him trouble when he tried to extend our stay.

After we talked it over and looked at various travel options, we decided we would go ahead and stay here the extra ten days, even if we had to move. We went over to the office today and Ron found us a fairly decent site on the other side of the park. I'm not real happy about it and I suppose we could have a fit about it, but things happen. We'll most likely start putting stuff away gradually and take the canopy down, but not set it up at the new site.

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