Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nineteen Today!

Granddaughter Havela had a fairly quiet 19th birthday today. We went for a swim late this afternoon; sat in the hot tub a bit; and took a walk around to where the roadrunner is nesting in the saguaro cactus and spotted her still patiently sitting there. Havela had a long telephone chat with her mother this morning. I downloaded and printed her boarding passes for tomorrow and that was about it.

This evening we headed over to Waldo's in Mesa. We haven't been there for barbeque at all this year, so a visit was long overdue. Forry and Havela each enjoyed a half rack of spare ribs while I settled for a pulled pork sandwich -- so good!

We are going to have to get up and going early as Havela's flight back to Kansas and school boards at 5:08 tomorrow morning! It's going to be an early-to-bed night for all of us!

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