Friday, March 7, 2014

A Very Busy Day

I didn't realize it until I sat down this evening to write that I hadn't left the motor home all day! I wasn't moving too fast this morning as I hadn't slept real well. The long walk yesterday made for leg cramps during the night. But once I got going, I managed to get a lot done. I started in the bathroom. It's been a while since I cleaned off the counter. I don't know where all the stuff comes from that stacks up there. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that neither one of us is very good at putting things back when we get done using them?

From the bathroom I moved on to the kitchen. There is a counter next to stove that has our Keurig coffee maker and our Foreman grill. Neither one of them had been moved for a while. That's one of the problems with staying in one place rather than moving every other day or so. Things tend to stay put. I spent some time not only cleaning the counter, but since I had moved off the coffee maker and the grill in order to do it, it made sense to clean them as well.

Next it was the stove top. The gas burners weren't too bad as they tend to get wiped down on a pretty regular basis when I do the dishes. The other counter on the left of the sink has the dishwasher and a small space where the toaster and some of the canisters are. That section of the kitchen went fast. It was definitely time for feet up and a can of lemonade!

I did whine on Facebook about the broken promises of the fifties. I can remember all of the talk of the future at the Seattle World's Fair. How we would have robots by the Year 2000 that would do all of the cleaning for us. A couple of people reminded me that there are floor cleaning robots out there that guide themselves around. I'm not sure how well one of them would work in the confined space of the RV? But somebody still has to pick up and sort through and throw or put away. It really doesn't take too long to thoroughly clean Auntie Violet, but it's definitely not my favorite way to spend a day.

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