Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Gila Woodpeckers Are Back

It had been quiet at the bird feeder lately. The hummingbirds make a bit of noise with the whirring of their wings and low-pitched chirps, but overall we don't hear them unless we are outside.

Last evening we heard some shrill cries that we haven't heard for a month or so. When I looked out the window I saw the female Gila Woodpecker sitting by the feeder calling for her mate. It wasn't long before he showed up as well (he's the one with the red spot on his head). The feeder was almost empty when they came with only about a half inch of sugar water left.

By the time they left, you couldn't see any liquid in the bottom at all...

Forry brought the feeders in this morning and I scrubbed and refilled them. I haven't seen anything but the hummingbirds using them today. Maybe the Gilas were just passing through.

We watched a lot of bull-riding today. CBS Sports replayed last night's coverage, then moved right into Sunday's Day 3 event in the Pit at Albuquerque. Bushwacker (the bull) is making his Farewell Retirement Tour and did his usual quick job of disposing of his rider. He is an amazing athlete!

It's half-time of the Gonzaga/Arizona game at the NCAA March Madness tournament. Right now, it doesn't look very good. Gonzaga is down by 15 points... ;-(

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