Monday, March 24, 2014


I'm not sure if it's we're just too old or we haven't quite figured it out yet, but the "selfies" we took at the ball game the other day just didn't come out that great... I guess we needed Granddaughter Havela to help!

The second one we tried was a little better, but that guy behind us now looks like he's growing out of my head!

I guess there's a good reason that there are not a lot of pictures of me on the blog. I do much better behind the camera than in front of it!

It was another warm, sunny day today. I did a couple loads of laundry and Forry emptied both the gray and black water tanks. I came up blank when I was trying to think of what to fix for supper, so I scrounged through the freezer and the refrigerator. Finally found a package of bacon (which was no comparison to that which we get at the Mennonite Auction!), some eggs and a couple of bagels that needed to be eaten.

Dinner actually turned out pretty well. I finished off a carton of cream cheese I found in the frig and topped it off with raspberry jam on the toasted bagels. With the bacon and eggs it was that breakfast supper that always tastes so good.

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