Thursday, March 6, 2014

Camelback Ranch Glendale Ballpark

It was another long drive today. The ballpark at Camelback Ranch in Glendale is as far west as the Goodyear Park we went to last Sunday, only further to the north. It is a beautiful park, but it has a shitty parking setup.

It may have been that the parking attendant who should have been at the entry had stepped away for some reason and put up a barricade at his entry, but we found out later we wouldn't have had to park as far away as we were sent. There is a parking area on the far side of the park, behind center field. We parked there and then had to walk all the way around the park from the Center Field Entrance. It's not a direct route either. The path takes you past the practice fields, the batting cages and the practice pitching mounds. It's sort of interesting, but it's a long walk!

Our seats were way across the field, just 8 rows behind the dugout on the first base side. Sweet!

The Mariners were playing the White Sox today with their second squad. They did a really nice job, ending up winning 6-4. It was a perfect day for baseball. 77 degrees at game time with a light overcast. I think this ballpark is the prettiest one we've been at so far.

I'm not sure what some people think. Or maybe they don't think at all! There was a woman sitting in front of us with her adult son and his girlfriend. The girlfriend's nose was running constantly and she kept tossing her soiled tissues on the ground. THEN, she commented to the woman that she had thought she had a cold, but went to an Urgent Care Center this morning and was given Tamiflu for her flu! She said she had taken a pill before the game, so she was sure she wasn't contagious...! If we get sick, I am going to be so MAD! We quickly moved to some empty seats across the aisle, but by the time she made her little confession, the game was half over.

We stopped by the shopping strip mall on our way home and ordered pizza at a place called New York First Night. We had thought we'd get salads to go with a small pizza, but the salads were huge! Neither one of us could finish them and we didn't eat all of the pizza either. Don't think we'll go there again.

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