Friday, April 18, 2014

A Good Day Again

Before the clouds moved in this afternoon, it was a gorgeous morning in the back yard. Juni had an appointment this morning, so it was up to me and the guys to hold down the table and chairs. But we had lots of help. This lovely lady is Tica. She is the oldest of the three dogs and loves to lie in the sun and watch what's happening --

This ball of energy is Izzy. This little Yorkie will chase balls for as long as she can get somebody to chase them for her. And then she wants to play some more!

Forry did manage to convince her to sit on his lap for a bit, but then she was off again. (Note the gorgeous wisteria vine going along the roof...)

Then there is Cassie. This extremely spoiled little sprite was orphaned as a baby and had to be bottle-fed every two hours. I could not manage to catch her sitting still long enough to get a picture, but Tom corralled her for me.

Cassie doesn't play ball, but she will steal the ball from her Izzie and then hide it or lie on it. She demands to be held and doesn't like to see anyone getting attention besides herself.

The dogs are a constant source of entertainment. You can spend a considerable amount of time playing with and watching them. It is fun to visit here and get our puppy fix.

Juni gave cooking lessons this evening as I watched her make pork chili with HOT red sauce and pork green chile stew. I had a small sample of the chili -- WHOA! But the green chili stew was excellent -- though Juni and Tom added a tablespoon of red chili to theirs! She used some of Cervantes green and red salsas to make her goodies.

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