Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Week's Happenings

I think this is probably the earliest in year that we have headed north. If I hadn't already made multiple appointments for us in early May, I would be sorely tempted to turn around and head back south! It was cold enough last night to run our little electric heater and I turned it on again early this afternoon. It's just plain chilly out there! It doesn't help to look out the windows and see snowy mountains in every direction!

Lots of big events happening this week. Forry's nephew, Don, who had fallen down the stairs last week passed away from his injuries. We found out today that the Memorial Graveside Service for him will be May 9th, so at least we will be back in Washington by then so that we can attend with the rest of the family.

My Sister Roxy's Daughter Penny got married in California yesterday. I've seen a few of the pictures that have been posted on Facebook and it looks like it was quite a celebration. The bride wore cowboy boots with her wedding gown and performed her fire-swallowing routine at the reception.

Sister Sherry took her Mastiff Keiko San to the dog show in Lewiston. He has really done well this spring and has earned his Grand Champion rating. If all goes well, we will get to see him show again when they come to the show in Spokane the latter part of May.

Our friend Leslie's half-brother passed away this weekend following his battle with lymphoma. Leslie and Bill are participating in a run that is raising funds for research on this nasty disease.

And then there are the Mariners. They pulled out a win in their game against Texas this afternoon with another home run by Kyle Seager. That's two games this week that he's had a strategically timed home run!

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