Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Lovely Day

We slept in again this morning, then Juni had I went on a shopping expedition this afternoon. We made a stop at Sephora to replenish my Clinique supply, then over to Kohls to return some pants that Juni had decided were the wrong color...

We got back to the house, picked up the guys and headed to BJs for dinner. Juni and Tom had burgers (Juni loves the jalapeno burgers which have slices of deep-fried jalapeno peppers on top.), while I had scallops. Forry has had an upset tummy today, so he settled on a bowl of clam chowder for supper -- that would have really upset my stomach!

We got back to the house in time to sit in the back yard on the patio, play with the dogs and watch the sunset. The clouds were just beginning to turn pink when I got this shot --

Forry decided to make an early night of it while the rest of us watched a bit of TV. I was heading to our bedroom to get my computer when I heard Juni screaming. I came flying back to see her standing on a chair in her bedroom while Tom stood by laughing. She had seen a shadow on the rug and thought it was a snake! Because we have been in and out all day with the slider to the back yard open, she thought one could have come it! (Needless to say, Juni is terrified of snakes...)

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