Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Windy Day

The wind was quiet this morning. Forry disconnected Toad II and we drove into Snowville to see if we could get breakfast (the larder is getting pretty bare). There are two diners, catty-corner from each other. There is also an elementary school. But other than a few houses and some dilapidated buildings -- and the Flying J on the edge of town, that's about it. We asked the waitress at Mollie's Diner where she got groceries. She said she drives 74 miles to Brigham every few weeks and stocks up. We decided we would wait until we got to Meridian, Idaho to go shopping!

By the time we finished eating a very good breakfast and got back to Lottie-Dell Campground, the wind started to pick up again. It was quite a bit warmer today, but the wind made it nasty.

The other motorhome that pulled in last night left early this morning, leaving us alone in the empty campground. Later this afternoon, a pickup pulling a trailer came in and with 32 empty spaces, parked right beside us! He totally blocked our view on that side! I just don't understand the way some people think -- or maybe they don't.

Later a couple of rigs that were traveling together pulled in and parked together way at the front end. A lone rig came in later and parked by itself at the far end.

I defrosted a pork loin this afternoon and put it in the oven with some Yukon Gold potatoes. With some frozen peas, we ended up with a pretty good supper without going back into town.

The Mariners game with the Yankees in New York tonight was really good in spite of all the rain that was coming down towards the end. In spite of all the boos the Yankee fans gave Robbie Cano, the Mariners came through and beat them 6-3.

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