Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blooms in the Valley

There is no doubt in my mind that Mother Nature loves yellow. One of the most predominant trees in the Valley is the Palo Verde Tree (green branch tree). There are hundreds, no thousands, of these trees in the Sonaran Desert areas of Arizona and California. The ones at lower elevations started blooming a couple of weeks ago and the yellows are now showing on up into the higher hills.

This is a Palo Verde along the back fence. Behind it is a mesquite tree that bloomed earlier and is now showing its developing seed pods that will provide food for birds and animals alike.

This is another one of the numerous Ocotillos that are in bloom around the area. Can you spot the hummingbird drinking over on the left?

A close look at the Ocotillo shows the multiple blossoms the hummingbirds are enjoying.

The hummingbirds did finally find the feeders in our new site. The bigger feeder is about half empty, so I'll have to empty it in the morning before we leave.

We did make a last minute run into Safeway this afternoon for munchies to eat on the road. It  extremely hot again today. The water hoses outside are lying in the sun, so it takes a while to get cold water. I ran the water in the shower for quite a while to get it cool enough to wash my hair! It was way too warm to cook or to want much to eat, so I ended up making crab salads for supper.

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