Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three States Later

We started out this morning in New Mexico, took in a corner of Colorado and ended up in Utah. I  guess we could have jogged over to the Four Corners Monument and stepped in Arizona as well, but we've done that, so skipped it this trip.

The scenery as you drive through this lightly populated part of the country is varied and beautiful. Some of it is very stark and you wonder how anyone could make a living there. The first portion of the journey is through Navajo country.

The massive Shiprock dominates the landscape and lends its name to the headquarters of the reservation.

State Highway 191 heads north into the high country of Colorado --

These tall monoliths pop out of nowhere - years of erosion are reflected in the debris at the bases --

There is actually farm land on the top of tableland -- the biggest share of the nation's pinto beans are grown up here at over 7000 feet.


Then it's the long trip down into the valleys of Utah --

 This is the country of Canyonlands and Arches National Parks --


We had thought to stay in Moab, Utah tonight, but evidently there is some kind of antique car show going on there this week. We called two different RV parks that we've stayed at before and both had no available space for us. As we drove through town, we saw lots of  "No Vacancy" and "Full" signs. So we drove on another fifty miles or so to Green River.

This is the part of the country where instead of the reds we've been seeing, we began to see the blue-greens of copper.

We came down along the river valley to the Green River KOA. We are settled in for a couple of nights. Tomorrow will be a rest day.

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