Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pay the Bills and Back to Town

I fired up the computer this morning and did that monthly task of paying bills. I continue to be thankful we live in an age when I can do it so easily on-line. I think I get everything completed in less time than it would have taken me to write one check, address an envelope and put the stamp on. Paying the couple of bills of Forry's on his phone takes just about as long and then we are done for another month.

We made a Costco run this afternoon. I only had a couple of things on my list, but Forry had a rebate check he wanted to cash.  I found a couple of nice outside chairs on sale for $25, so now I can get rid of at least one of the old decrepit ones (I'd toss them both, but Forry thinks the one is worth saving for a while longer...).

We see more and more signs of Spring - even in the desert where there are some blooms all year. This is one of the palm trees that has clusters of blooms at the base of its fronds -

I would be curious to know if these are merely decorative or if they might be dates?  My friend Leslie's Aunt tried to teach me about palms when we were in Florida, but I need a refresher course.

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