Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another Hot Day

It may have hot yesterday and hot again today, but it is the desert and it gets chilly at night. I woke up a little before six this morning needing to visit the bathroom -- and it was downright cold! I decided that since I was awake and it was quite cool, I would go out and empty Toad II. I wanted to empty everything out of the rig so that I could put the back seats down and we could start loading the trike and the rest of the stuff that will ride in Toad II.

By the time I backed the rig up with the rear door close to the RV, Forry was awake and checking to see what was going on. He took the handlebars off of the trike this time as he folded it up. That sure made it fit in easier. We slipped the new chairs in along side -- they were a perfect fit. Then we reloaded the rest of the stuff. I took the lights out of the plants and tucked them under the seats. Sandi from the front office came by while we were organizing stuff and once again offered a home for the geraniums.

It was hot again today. It got up to 95 degrees. There was a light overcast, so it wasn't quite as bad as yesterday. The clouds made for a gorgeous sunset tonight --

It's almost ten o'clock and the temperature has already dropped thirty degrees. Maybe it'll be cool enough to sleep again tonight.

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