Friday, April 11, 2014

Once More, On the Road Again!

It took a while, but a little after 11:30 this morning, we headed down the road, beginning our journey north. We took the 101 Loop around Phoenix to Highway 17, taking us through more of the Sonoran Desert area -- 

And a portion of the Saguaro Forest --

As you go north, the country grows more sere and dry, but you begin to see the colorful rocks --

As you climb into the mountains, the juniper forests begin to appear --

This is high country -- we climbed up close to 5000 feet before we dropped down into the Verde Valley --

The Coconino National Forest on the way to Flagstaff has lots of evergreen trees. We even saw a bit of snow on the far mountains --

We turned onto Interstate 40 outside of Flagstaff and headed east. It's only a thirty-three mile run on I-40 to Meteor Crater RV Park. The lady in the store told me that this is the fourth time we've stopped here to spend a night or two. They've instituted an Award Program and the next time we stay, it will be free! I'll try to get a picture or two in the morning. They've planted lots of trees that are getting quite bit. Each time we come, it is a bit prettier.

After the HOT days we've had this week at Fort McDowell, the 78 degree temperature we found when we arrived here really felt nice. It's always windy in this part of Arizona and there was a nice breeze as well.

Felix is pitching for the Mariners tonight. It's the top of the sixth and the Mariners lead 6-0. Life is good.

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