Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Good Day....

What can I say. We slept in again this morning, showered, grabbed our cups of coffee, some bananas and oatmeal raisin cookies and headed out to the back yard. The yard man had already been by and mowed the lawn, so Tom was able to turn the sprinklers on. It was another beautiful morning. Juni filled and hung her multiple hummingbird feeders and it wasn't more than twenty minutes before the first hummers showed up to have a drink!

When we had our pedicures yesterday, Juni made an appointment for a manicure today. Even though my nails have always been soft and easily breakable and very short, she persuaded me that it might be a good idea to have them done. I've had a lot of trouble with little chunks breaking off and then having to trim the nail short to keep it from breaking off further. The manicurist filed down and evened some of the ridges where they often split off. He seemed to think that maybe that would keep them from breaking those areas. We'll see. They actually don't look that bad -- if nothing else they look tidy.

Juni and I got back to the house in time to collect the fellows and head out for dinner at Cervantes. We made a stop at Costco to pick up salt for the water conditioner and had to almost physically restrain Forry from stopping for a Polish dog...

Cervantes is owned by friends of Juni and Tom. We always end up eating there at least once while we are in Albuquerque. The same family also makes and bottles Cervantes Salsa. I had gotten some for Brother Pat last time we were here. (I did give Pat a call to see if he wanted/needed more.)

The food at Cervantes is incredible. I had a version of tostadas that was delicious, but I could only eat half of it. Forry had an SOB (South of the Border) chicken fried steak that came with green chile sauce. It's been another great day.

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