Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meteor Crater RV Park

We have stayed at Meteor Crater RV Park several times. It seems  like every time we stop by, it looks a little nicer. The grounds are scrupulously tidy and clean. The operators have planted many local trees and shrubs which have grown a great deal over the past few years.

We did see something new to us when we saw this trailer parked next to us --

We've never seen such fancy wheels on a RV before. Almost wish we had met the owners -- seems like they should be teenage boys...!

This is one of the sites nearby with its patch of grass and trees --

This is where Auntie Violet and Toad II are parked.

This little park area has Russian Olive trees along with the big red boulders that are all over the park and then the playground equipment on the end.

From our site, we have a good view of both very busy I-40 and the even busier railroad tracks. There is a constant parade of semis down the Interstate as well as multiple trains going both ways on the tracks. We are far enough away though not to hear the noise.

Probably my only complaint about this park is the wind! In this part of the world it starts to blow in the late morning and gusts and blows all day.

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