Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On the Road Once More

It took us a while, but a little before noon we were hooked up and all of the hugs were given and the last good-byes were said and we were on our way once more. It's been a wonderful week with Tom and Juni and the pups as well.

We headed east on I-40, then cut off on Highway 550 and headed northwest towards Farmington and Bloomfield. Though the northwest corner of New Mexico is pretty dry desert, there are some fantastic colors as you drive along. These white bluffs are spectacular --

That white rock and dust even color the dry river beds --


The cliffs along the road show all kinds of colors in the multiple layers of rock --

Then just down the road a few miles, they turn to shades of tan, brown and grey.

This round, honey-comb looking dome is not too far from Bloomfield.

It was getting a little bit windy towards the end of our trip, but nothing like the winds that Tom was reporting to us back in Albuquerque. We pulled into a nice pull-through slot at the end of a row at the Desert Rose RV Resort. We were both tired, so I fixed a quick dinner of hamburgers and we settled in to watch the Mariners game.

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