Friday, April 25, 2014

Green River KOA

It was windy, gusty and dusty today at the Green River KOA. They haven't started watering the grass yet this spring and everything is very dry --

 I walked over to the newer area of the park. It looks like they have got the water, electricity and sewer installed, but no grass has yet been planted. There were some wild flowers blooming over there that I wanted to take a look at. They weren't very big. It looked like the ground had been worked last fall. There were some small plants of Globe Mallow blooming their little hearts out --

I also found some  Arizona Milkvetch in the sand. It was hard to get a decent picture as the wind was blowing so hard. As you can see, this is pretty sandy soil.

This is what I originally had gone walking to take a look at. I had seen them along the road as we drove from Moab yesterday and wanted to take a closer look.

These are the California Evening Primrose. Because it was overcast today, they stayed open later in the morning.

It must have been a very good year for them as we saw clusters of them alongside the road for seventy miles or more.

We spent a bit of time this morning chatting with our neighbors who were taking their first trip in their brand new fifth wheel. They had seen the Winegard Satellite Dish on the top of Auntie Violet and were curious about the cost of a satellite dish. Their new rig had a placard saying it was already wired for Winegard, but they would have to buy the actual dish. After talking about the cost of the dish and a subscription to either Direct or Dish TV, I think he decided it wasn't worth buying one as they are not full-timers...

The wind has finally died down this evening. The Mariners are ahead 6-3 at the bottom of the 8th. Life is good tonight.

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