Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Mexico At Last

It was a windy dusty day today. It wasn't too bad when we started out, but it was just not a very nice day. Interstate 40 is a VERY busy road. The traffic is probably seventy percent truckers. It's just a constant parade of trucks.

We got into local areas that were just plain dusty. This is the Choholla coal power plant behind all that dust --

We finally got out of the very flat country as we continued to head east --

The cliffs along the road were beginning to show color --

 The rocks show evidence of lots of wind erosion --

Finally we saw the very welcome sign at the New Mexico border --

I do love this part of the country --

The wind started picking up again and once again we were seeing dust --

It was not fun driving! Forry was battling swirling wind gusts all the way to Grant where the KOA we planned to stay at was located. It was miserable getting the electricity and water hooked up in the wind as it kept trying to blow the bay door shut as I worked.

The nicest thing so far about this KOA is the food service. Today's special was a full turkey breast dinner with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and cranberry sauce along with fresh peach pie with ice cream. And it was delivered right to Auntie Violet's door!

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